Concert Band Rehearsals / All-County Auditions

As stated in your Band Handbook, ALL BAND CLASSES (except for Beginning Band) are required to participate in Concert Band performances (and therefore rehearsals), and are required to try out for All-county.

  • Concert Band rehearsals begin next week on Tuesday, November 8, and will be every Tuesday after school from 3:45-5:45. Once again, these rehearsals are REQUIRED for all students in a non-beginning band class. People not in attendance, and who have not been excused AHEAD OF TIME will receive zeros for participation grades. People who leave early or come late without a valid and APPROVED excuse will be graded accordingly.
  • All-County Auditions are at 4:30 on Tuesday, November 15th, at Robert Cross Middle School. This date has been talked about in class for more than three months, and no students have raised transportation concerns in that time. This audition will count as a "summative assessment" grade, which totals 35% of the report card grade. This audition will be averaged with a written test to reach that 35% total.