Itinerary -- 08-18-2017 Westover at Pelham


I apologize and thank you for your patience in waiting for this itinerary. We are very excited for the arrival of our first performance. It has been a wonderful problem to deal with the details (jackets, bibbers, shoes, shirts, hats, plumes, gloves, guard uniforms, warmups, tote bags, tuba necks & bits, sticks, mallets, valves, guides, springs, grease, oil, music, sharps, flats, key signatures, rhythms, lugs, heads, hoops, harnesses, dues, water, gatorade, meals, instructors, ET CETERA) of putting together a band that represents 50% GROWTH OVER LAST YEAR!!

Thank you again, and here you go. We will have copies of this itinerary, and a bus list posted tomorrow.

Please remember WHITE BIBBERS.

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